You Aren’t Experimenting Enough. Take It From Jeff Bezos.

Refine Labs killed their Top 10 podcast last night. So sad. It’s the end of an era.

In closing remarks, the ever insightful PabloGonzalez made a comment about how he really admired Refine Labs was setting up a “Data Flywheel”. 

So I looked it up and found this quote:

“The real measure of success is the number of experiments that can be crowded into twenty-four hours”. – Thomas Edison

Jeff Bezos has also said, “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.”

Dramatic pause. Think about that. Most of us aren’t experimenting nearly enough.

How’d Refine Labs become a 120 person agency so quickly? 

They experiment like hell. It’s part of their culture.

Why don’t we experiment?

  • Perfection
  • Fear of being wrong
  • Fear of what others might think
  • Fear of wasting resources
  • It’s safer to do what everybody else does

Instead consider this:

• What won’t I learn by not experimenting?

• What unknown edge could experiments give me?

• The Expert is the one who has made all the mistakes.

Did you know 70-90% of tests will fail?

But when one succeeds, you can hit it out of the park. 

Will you try to test more? 

Will you seek that competitive edge over people who don’t test?

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