I’m Donovan Rittenbach, DR for short.

Welcome to my personal website.

My professional profile is on LinkedIn.

I do a lot of things, one of which is copywriting to get clicks and calls. I’ve:

  • Built websites with 3 million visitors per year to one of the biggest science museums on the West Coast, generating millions in ticket sales.
  • Ran marketing for one of the top five high schools in the Bay Area, by targeting the kids, not the adults, at $64k per enrollment.
  • Landed million-dollar projects with words on a web page.

Strong copywriting is the most important part of any marketing effort. 

Call me at (510) 684-6997 and let’s see if I can write offers for you.

Donovan Rittenbach

Spelling. We barely think about that word, but we should.

The words we spell, and the order in which we spell them, have incredible power.

  • Customers stay or leave your web page, because of the words you choose.
  • A bad review can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost business.
  • Fail to tell the customer how you can fix their problems, and your business will suffer.

Every word you write can bring success or failure.

Nobody knows this better than copywriters. That’s why we craft before we cast.

What’s Your Great Work? Mine is Communication.

Your Magnum Opus is the work of a lifetime.

It is the transformation of inner lead into gold. Do it by continually honing your craft.

My Magnum Opus is to become the best writer I can be. Read some of my work »

Learn To Read Minds Like a Magician

Copywriters aren’t magicians, but it seems like it. Why?

They have empathy, and a great skill for choosing the exact words to communicate clearly. All they do is explain how a product removes a customer’s pain. Sounds simple but it’s not.

This reminds me of a great Freud quote:

“In the beginning words and magic were one and the same, and even today words retain much of their magical power.”

Good copywriters know the words you choose can change the course of your life.

Think about this next time you write something:

Every social media post, email or text message is a spell.

Craft it, before you cast it.