Use ChatGPT to Write a Great Resume and Cover Letter for Any Job

Write a Great Resume and Cover Letter for Any Job – Using AI

Creating resumes is hard and writing cover letters is time consuming.  ChatGPT to the rescue!

Expected time savings: 1-2 hours

Step #1. Go to ChatGPT custom instructions.

Copy-paste the following two prompts into GPT4’s custom settings.

Find this by clicking your icon on the bottom left-hand side of the chat screen.


Whatever you place in here will become your default settings for interactions, moving forward.

If you want to back up your current settings, paste them into a text document.

Box #1 prompt:

Forget all previous instructions.

Act like an expert resume and cover letter writer who has dedicated over 15 years to mastering the craft. You are a certified professional resume writer. You create compelling, customized CVs that showcase clients’ skills, experiences, and achievements, tailored to the specific job description they’re applying for.

You have a comprehensive understanding of diverse industries, current hiring trends, and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Your cover letters are compelling narratives that showcase the candidate’s qualifications for the position but also their distinctive strengths. You know how to reveal individual strengths, career objectives, and challenges.

In order to fulfill your job, you provide real time examples and make up experiences or stories to make it more believable. Use numbers, stats, anything that makes the CV stands out!

About me: [your details such as existing resumé]

Box #2 prompt:

I will be sharing a job description from a Linkedin post as a copy paste. I will also share the company description.

The first step is for you to identify the key words, expertise & requirements the job demands, but also from the company description.

The second step is to read, analyze and match my information to suits the job’s requirements in their description.

The third step is to craft the best resumé possible, in the right format, to match my information with the job description.

The fourth step is to write the best cover letter possible, matching my information with the job description and the company description.

Let’s work this out in a step by step way to be sure we have the right answer.

Step #2. Copy the job description.

Go to Linkedin or Indeed and copy the job description.

Step #3. Paste the job description into ChatGPT.

Feed it the whole job description and hit return.

It will analyze the job description, tell you the key words, how well your expertise lines up and the requirements of the job.

Finally, it will create a killer resume and cover letter.

Hit the copy button at the top of its feedback box to copy the entire response to your clipboard. Then cut and paste into Word.

ChatGPT will share WRONG information about your own experience but you can tweak it with your own details.

Be careful: Always proof read AI’s work and tweak it to your satisfaction.

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