World Elephant Day – Amplify the Elephant in the Room

Friends, today we celebrate one of the most awesome species in the entire known universe. Why are they super cool?

They’re the only species on Earth, besides humans, that has a burial ritual for their dead.

NO OTHER SPECIES, not even dolphins or chimps, do this.

Whenever they see the bones of their kin, they stop and remember them, caressing their bones. It’s super touching.

They can hear sounds 110 miles away, through their feet.

They have a calendar in their heads. It’s associated with locations, so they can show up when trees fruit for only a few days.

Matriarchs run the herd and they form deep family bonds, just like humans.

See Disney’s Elephants. The photography is ridiculous. That isn’t a superlative btw, because it’s true.

I got into copywriting, because it freaking breaks my heart to think they could go extinct EVER.

Listen close: If one large mammal on planet Earth needs our protection, it’s elephants.

So please amplify this signal and help celebrate World Elephant Day.

Happy Friday!

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