Why They Buy Deep Dive

Do this one thing to be better than 87% of all copywriters.

Most marketers skip the research step. So before you begin writing subject lines, emails, landing pages, pitch decks, or ads, do this:

Step 1) Answer all the questions in my free “Why They Buy” Deep Dive. (See the link in the comments.)

Use real-world data BEFORE you begin crafting your marketing messages. Hint: Collect these from testimonials and reviews.

Step 2) Use your deep insight into your customer’s psychology to craft the copy that demonstrates your value and overcomes their objections.

Step 3) Convince your customers that clicking the next button will take them a step closer to ending their pain and fulfilling their desires.

Need a second pair of eyes on your copy? Want somebody to write it for you? DM me.

Donovan is a certified Hubspot Digital Marketer and copywriter with 21 years of marketing experience.

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