Why Bees Are One of My Fundamental Power Dots

Honey lasts 1,000’s of years. They’ve pulled it out of ancient Egyptian tombs and it was still good to eat.

Honey is one of my power dots, part of a secret system I’ve developed to save the world.

It’s so easy to use even the dumbest redneck can easily understand.

It’s so fun to do that even the most ignorant hick will want to do it.

Best of all, it taps the unconscious, so they’ll want to do it and not even no it. Crazy I know, right?

I developed the Power Dot system to solve a super wicked problem, a problem whose solution only causes more problems. For example climate change. If you get people onto lithium batteries, and off fossil fuel, you keep carbon dioxide out of the air, but you turn Bolivia into a lithium dictator, much like Saudi Arabia is with oil.

Anyhow, Gandhi said you must become the change you want to see in the world. That’s ridiculously hard to do. Especially because you want that change to be smart. Like really smart, like so smart it doesn’t just end up making things worse.

Now for the first time ever, you too can have access to my proprietary Power Dot system including the Power Dot Picnic, which connects the power dot in the video below.

Enjoy as I share this personal story about my passion for bees and honey. #honey

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