Where The Magic Happens

I stepped out of the Matrix in October of 2019 when I left my tech job to realize my full potential.

My goal was to get a job using a skillset that would always be in demand. Stories are the basis of our brain’s operating system, so being a good storyteller is job security in a world of exponentially increasing change.

My strategy was simple. Use my considerable storytelling skills to become a better writer, videographer and public speaker.

So, I immediately began honing my writing skills using the Magic Pomodoro Technique(MPT). I edited a 500-page romance novel my wife had written, cutting it from 170,000 words down to 130,000. Now it’s a much tighter, and compelling story.

Next, I joined Toastmasters and began competing in their International Speech Contest. Using the Magic Pomodoro Technique(MPT), I began crafting a 5-7 minute competition speech.

Its call to action is “step outside your comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens.” The speech incorporates voice acting, magic and comedy, so it’s getting me way outside my comfort zone. I won the first round of the competition and will compete again soon.

What do I mean when I say magic? The greatest magic of all is the most difficult. It is the transformation of self. The only way to do that is by escaping the inertia of the comfort zone trap.

The Comfort Zone(CZ) is the best trap ever made. We all want to stay there because it’s easy and safe. It’s also where we stagnate and atrophy. You will never realize your full potential if you don’t leave it and start practicing the alchemical path.

Alchemists are best known for their vain attempts trying to create the mythical Philosopher’s Stone, which purportedly could turn lead into gold.


The Philosopher’s stone is real and you can use it to turn your lead into gold. You just have to understand that the alchemists were using metaphors to talk about spiritual growth.

Lead means bad behaviors or negative personality traits. You turn your lead into positive traits using the Philosopher’s Stone. Nobody discovered it, so how could we? Don’t worry. We have a major clue in the etymology of the word “philosopher”. Philos means “lover” and sophia means “wisdom”.

Alchemists transformed their lead into gold using a process of refinement based on the wisdom they gained through hard work and experience.

I used the alchemical technique to write this article. I put the lead of my first draft into the crucible of rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. Then I turned up the heat and pressure by giving it to somebody who could give me quality feedback. I refined it over and over and over by removing anything unnecessary and simplifying my message. Then I applied wisdom to hopefully turned my lead into gold.

Now that you know the alchemical technique, it’s time for you to step outside your comfort zone and make your magic happen.


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