What’s the Sole(Soul) Goal of Copywriting?

The sole(soul) goal of copywriting is to connect and persuade others, to get them to do what you want. 

You do that by showing them that their goals align with yours, in words that are so easy to understand that they don’t even think about it.

Your words should be “smooth as butter.”

If they don’t “just get it” then you fail. 

I know. It’s hard. That’s why its a profession.

So, what do you want? 

To persuade others to take action

To advance your career

To work faster so you have more family time

To free yourself from wage slavery 

To buy a new house or upgrade your current one

To make an offer so good they feel stupid saying “no”

To make a VSL that site visitors can’t resist

To save the Elephants/Tigers/Monarchs from extinction

To take care of your family and put your kids through school

To write words they’ll read in two thousand years

To make a dent in the Universe

To tell the story that spreads like wildfire and saves us all from ourselves

To create an ad campaign that quadruples your investment

To teach others the secrets of sucess

Want to change your life? 

Copywriting is the key.

So follow me for more copywriting tips every day and I’ll help you practice The Craft.

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