Video Portfolio

I have been the videographer for Bishop O’Dowd High School since 2010, where I have been a key part of creating promo videos to persuade potential parents.

I also create slideshow assets for fundraising events, and Ask videos that are shown before the event’s big ask. Additionally I also built a YouTube channel with over 1,300 videos and more than 1.7 million views, with 14,000 minutes of watch time a month from 23k viewers. My personal channel has 700k+ views.

O’Dowd admissions movies were produced in conjunction with Mortarotti Productions, although I played key parts in make all movies including videography and drone pilot.


Experience O’Dowd 2018 – Primary Admissions Movie

The video is shown to 300+ parents who are considering O’Dowd, during a key admissions visit event. It always had a strong emotional impact. Please enjoy the presentation. It is not available for streaming on the primary YouTube site.


O’Dowd Sizzle Reel

This is the 2 minute non-verbal “sizzle” reel. Everything you need to know about O’Dowd.


San Damiano Retreat Center Fundraiser

This video was used at a fundraiser for this the San Damiano retreat center. I shot everything, in addition to editing it and flying the drone.


Learning at Bishop O’Dowd High School – TrueView Ad 170k views


2016-17 Main Admissions Movie

Student Profile – Olivia

This was a scholarship profile of a student, so donors could know what they were giving to.