Vampire’s Kiss Drink Mocktail Recipe – Zero Proof Happy Hour

Join Donovan and Rachel on their quest to find or make delicious non alcoholic beverages.

Drink rating: Our first ever 10! Why?
Because in addition to being complex, and super tasty, it gets bonus points for dramatic presentation! You can’t go wrong with dry ice in a drink.

2oz of Wilderton Aperitivo
4 oz of Gruvi Bubbly Rose
Edible glitter
Dry ice

Buy on Boisson NYC.


Key Botanicals
Angelica, cascarilla, cassia cinnamon, chardonnay grape juice, gentian, grapefruit, mace, orange blossom, quassia, rosemary, sandalwood, Seville orange, Turkey rhubarb root.

Gruvi Rose…

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