Use the REPLY Methodology To Write Cold Emails That Connect

Trying to connect via LinkedIn InMail, but not getting responses? Here’s how you can let your customer know you see eye to eye.

Using personalization, and a deep understanding of your customers, you can send personalized pitches that speak directly to your prospect’s needs.

Use the Reply Method

Here’s how you can write better InMails that get better results using Jason Bay’s REPLY method. REPLY stands for:

R – Relevant result – Don’t name drop. Give social proof or case studies that are relevant.

E – Empathy – Speak to a problem or aspiration the prospect may have

P – Personalization – Lead with something specific and relevant to the one person you are contacting. This should not be a template.

L – Laser focused – the average person reads 200-250 words a minute. It takes 30s to read 100-120 words. Nobody will give you that time. If you are trying to connect to a c-level you have 25-50 words.

Y – You oriented – This email should be “You” focused. Try to remove all instances of I or We, unless the We is in reference to you and the contact.

Step 1: Do your research

If you’re going to do this well, you need to deeply understand your prospects’ problems, and whether or not you have a good solution.

You get that info from talking to customers and finding patterns.

If you don’t have customers, talk with as many people as possible, until you find the job title that needs your solution.

Your goal is to know with high probability, what your target audience’s problem is and how you fix it.

You will know you “get it” when you can articulate it into one sentence.

Pro Tip: Business leaders think in numbers. Always try to use # or $ when formulating your value proposition, especially in B2B communications.

Don’t just say “we save money.”

Say “we save an average of $1,237 dollars.”

Don’t say “we increase productivity.”

Say “here are 4 tips to build websites 3x faster.”

Let’s pretend you’re research reveals that sales leaders spend 6-8 hours every  Friday chasing sales numbers from their reps. Existing customers have told you that it cuts that time to 1 hour.

Great. Now you have your value proposition.

2) Get to know your target so you can personalize the connect

Cold InMails work poorly because they are generic. Using LinkedIn, you can learn more about your prospect and show you aren’t the usual inMail spammer.  Here’s how:

a)   Find the decision maker with the right title on LinkedIn.

b)   Review their profile looking for a personalized way to tie your InMail into them.

c)   If they post regularly try to make a relevant or insightful comment on their post. Follow them and get to know them better.

3) Follow this formula when writing your InMail

If you know your customer and target audience well, you can use the REPLY methodology to fill in these blanks to sell the meeting.

Remember you aren’t selling the product, since they don’t know who you are or what you can do. Here’s your InMail template formula:

Hi [First Name],

What I’m hearing from [their role] lately is that [challenge OR problem].

Would love to share what’s working well for our [clients/customers,niche,industy] to [relevant results].

Interested in chatting further?

[your first name]

Let’s fill in the blanks of your laser-focused InMail:

Hi Jack, I’m finding sales leaders spend 6-8 hours every Friday doing a manual sales roll-up.

Would love to share how our product is helping them reduce that time down to 1 hour.

Interested in chatting further?


Notice how I used the REPLY method?

First I didn’t talk about “my company and how it’s awesome.” I only focused on what I could do for them.

Then, I established empathy by showing I’m a knowledgeable peer who understands their pain. Knowing your market makes your message more likely to strike home.

Finally, I told them how I can fix that problem. If they want to know more, they’ll respond.

In Conclusion

There’s never been a better time to know your customer or reach them with your important message. Follow this formula and you’ll start getting more InMail responses.

Remember, sell like you want to be sold too. You like relevant results, so give them to your prospects.

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