Unseen Forces – How to Tap the Lizard Brain to Get Them To Buy

Unseen forces. They’re everywhere. Literally. 95% of your mind is subconscious. This is where you find the deep primal impulses that drive your life.

In the 2000s, half of all Fortune 100 companies hired Clotaire Rapaille, author of “The Culture Code.” Why?

To tap the 400 million old reptilian brain, the final decision maker. Based on his research and recos they would design their products to hack their customer’s heads.

Jeep changed their headlights from squares to circles to make them look more like horse eyes. Horse was the culture code for Jeep.

See we form deep biases in our early childhood that get anchored by emotions and those biases never go away. They are etched in our lizard brain.

How do you make money selling to the subconscious? Great question.

I’m glad you asked, but I already told you the answer.

Have a great day.

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