Two Ways to Create Content – Construction or Deconstruction

Friends, here are two approaches to your content strategy.

Want to build a body of work? Your approach will depend on your available resources.

This is where you start when you are just starting out and trying to find your voice. Start by doing a series of small posts, then build a larger body of work.

This is easiest if:
·     You’re just starting out and don’t have a plan
·     Don’t have a clear idea of what resonates with your audience

Here’s what you do:
1.   Make a bunch of posts in a variety of formats.
2.   See which content gets impressions or engagement you are shooting for. Unless you have a decent audience size, this info may not be truly useful.
3.   Repeat this.
4.   Start to coalesce this into your piece of cornerstone content

Writing a big piece of cornerstone content, like a white paper, is time consuming. It generally requires a team to develop, but once it is written, it can provide enough content for the next six months.

It’s easier to do if:
·     You have a team
·     Know what your message is
·     Are disciplined and focused enough to create it

Here’s what you do:
1.   Do all the research, fact checking, studies, interviewing to make a piece of cornerstone content with a unique insight.
2.   Slice and dice it into blogs, articles, videos and social media posts.

Alright I hope this helps somebody out there,

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