Theory of Mind – How Copywriters Read Customer’s Minds

Make more money. Read my mind. If a dumb little bird can do it, you can to.

The thornbill imitates a chorus 1-4 other bird species sending up an alarm call that trick predators into thinking an aerial predator is nearby.

Theory of mind. It’s when one creature guesses what another creature will do based on a mental model. Most primates do it, and so do other social animals.

Humans do it all the time when we ask “What were they thinking?”

Copywriters do it all the time only at a much more sophisticated level. They empathize with the customer to guess their wants and needs.

When the customer reads good copy, it’s as if the writer was reading their mind, answering the very questions they were just asking.

It’s so uncanny it seems like mind reading, or magic.

And that’s why a good copywriter is so valuable.

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