The “Ultimate” Secret to LinkedIn Networking Revealed

The “Ultimate” Secret to LinkedIn Networking Revealed

A.K.A. “How to win friends and influence people on LinkedIn.”

Networking isn’t about DMing somebody out of the blue, then pitch slapping them.

It’s not about insta-business. It’s a long game. 

Maybe they aren’t ready to do business with you now but if you build a relationship, you can be on their radar when they are. 

Make a meaningful connection by: 

• Reading your contact’s About section and posts. 

• Being friendly, and grateful for their content.

• Making intelligent comments and asking good questions.

• Figuring out what they need and how you can help them.

• Referencing their content in your DMs, so they know you aren’t spam.

• Giving before asking.

• Building trust and demonstrating expertise.

People do business with people they like.

Build a positive relationship and warm your contact up.

Don’t just do cold DMs.

Get to know the people you are networking with. 

That’s how you make connections that count.

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