The Magic Pomodoro Technique

I’ve put my own twist on the Pomodoro Technique and embedded it in a magic daily work ritual that has changed my life and help me do more than I ever thought possible, like writing a million words in five years.

Hey friends, I’ve been thinking about you and how I can help you live the best life you can. We’re so fortunate to be here at this magical time and place. We don’t know how long we have, so we have to get it while we can, right? This podcast is dedicated to the Magic Pomodoro Technique.

The Magic Pomodoro Technique is dedicated to changing your life, one time brick at a time.

That time brick is for our case, a pomodoro, which is a 25 minute session followed by a five minute break.

Every time you do a time brick, you mark it down as a check mark on your spreadsheet. Then you can look at your spreadsheet and know how much progress you’ve made.

You may not know when you’ll reach your goal but you do know you have traveled a 100 pomodoros. You’ve put a significant effort into the magical re-creation of your life. So good for you.

After all you are harnessing the power of ritual to build a better world. You’re better world, where you are more happy, healthy, less stressed, more connected (truly not connected, not that hacker bullshit about how tech “connects” us…by throwing up a wall. Hardly pal.)

The way you do that is by overcoming your tech addiction, and walling yourself off in a bubble so you can focus on doing the best work you can possibly do. You aren’t going to do that multi-tasking though. You’ll do it mono-tasking or focusing on one thing to completion.

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