The Best Shortcut to Success: Work Like Hell

We all want shortcuts. But there aren’t any.

Sometimes you just have “keep on trucking.”

My 2nd best shortcut? Build out your social network. How? My offering to help people. What can you give them that will benefit them. That comes to another excellent idea.

My 3rd best shortcut: You heard it here first. Forget formal job interviews. Do a working project together.

I’ve been doing volunteer consulting to help copywriting classmates out with things like negotiations and cold calling.

If we work well together, I ask them if I can do work for them on Fiverr. We already know we like each other so that gives me an in. This is building out my Fiverr profile, and giving them a good deal.

Care to share your best shortcut below? #copywriting

Donovan Rittenbach provides copywriting, web design and video services in Alameda, CA.

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