Step By Step Guide – How To Build Your Sales Funnel and Content Engine

Your sales funnel is a marketing puzzle. Here are all the pieces you need to build a comprehensive buyer funnel.

Please note: Your customer is going to make a buy decision before they speak with you.

1) Buyer AnalysisYour pro copywriter will guide you through this process.

A) Analyze high-quality testimonials and reviews for quality feedback.
B) Interview your customer on the phone in 15-30 minute interviews.
C) Dimensionalize – Build a spreadsheet with four columns so you can dimensionalize your buyer’s motivations.

i) Problems they have that your solution can fix.
ii) What happens when your solution fixes their problem?
iii) Fears – What are your customers afraid of?
iv) Desires – What does your customer want as an outcome?

D) Analyze Dark Social – Dark social is places software can’t analyze. What are decision-makers saying about you in conversations they’re having on Facebook Groups, Revenue Collective, and Rev Genius?

2) Build Buyer PersonaThis is another key point to involve your pro copywriter. Deep dive into “why they buy?” What is unique about you that gives you a unique edge? This is especially important when you

A) Build Your Offer – Alex Hormozi’s “$100M Offers-How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No”  is the definitive guide on how to do this. A good offer addresses objections and minimizes any sense of risk to the decision maker. This is a mini masterclass unto itself.

B) Traffic Generation – Get customers to your website landing page with SEO and Ads written by a pro copywriter. They will use the trigger words that get them to click.

C) Podcast – Podcasts help you interact with your audience so you can get more insight. It’s the fastest way to refine your communication strategy. Build your content engine, starting with a podcast. Podcasts are pillars of your content strategy because they offer real-time feedback.

 i) Transcribe your podcast
ii) Use ChatGPT to quickly extract high-quality talking points.
iii) Repurpose this content to quickly build out high-quality SEO-generating blog posts, social media posts, etc.

3) High Converting Landing pageCreate a landing page written by a professional copywriter that maximizes lead conversion. They will overcome objections and use other specialized tools in their skillset to maximize conversions.

  • Test different offers to optimize your landing page.
  • Don’t forget to have a human-based chat feature, so people can get questions answered real time.
  • Have an open field for Self Reported Attribution of how customers found you (lead source).

4) Capture your bound web leads in a CRM – Salesforce or Hubspot are preferred CRMs. Keep great notes on your customers. This is the handoff point to your sales team. Sales needs to follow up ASAP. Track dates of all stages so you can track pipeline velocity.

5) Email – Follow up with your customers using a professionally written email sequence to give your customer value.

6) Examine Closed Won. Podcasts are often the highest converting lead source, as they have high-intent audiences.

7) Analyze and iterate – Analyze your data for which channels and messages work best. Examine word of mouth, LinkedIn, Podcast, and other sources so you can amplify them as you iterate on your messaging.  Examine your pipeline velocity and continually optimize.

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