1. Product and Customer Research

First, I assemble your copy building blocks.

I learn everything I can about your product and customers.

Next, I collect the exact language your customers use when talking about your product. Data sources include:

  • Review websites and Google testimonials
  • Customer service recordings
  • Live phone interviews


Then I create a detailed fears, frustrations, hopes, and dreams matrix.

This is where I look for opportunities to trigger your customer’s unconscious, including cognitive biases, hidden desires, and more.

Know your customer better than they know themselves

2. Offer Creation

40% of a campaign’s success depends on the quality of your offer.  If we don’t craft a great offer, my copy won’t work very well. Essential elements include:

1) Desire – Let’s build a burning desire in your customer’s heart

2) Proven results – What results will customers get if they buy?

3) Price – Price seems straightforward but it’s not. 

4) Incentives

  • Bonuses – We want to overdeliver value
  • Urgency – Why they need to act now
  • Scarcity – Limited quantity or access
  • Guarantees – Let’s eliminate ALL risk

You know its a good offer if
when it hurts to say "no"

3. Copywriting and Design

20% of campaign success is in copywriting.

Now that I’ve gathered all the building blocks, I can assemble your copy based on your brand voice.

Headlines – I spend a lot of time on this. If you don’t hook them, you can’t land them.

Persuasion framework – I weave my findings into a copywriting formula like Pain-Agitate-Solution.

I address all objections, make the offer value clear, and get customers the results they want.

Finally, I wireframe the copy for the designer.

Customers buy with emotion, but justify with logic

4. Test and Optimize

Even top experts can’t accurately guess what will perform best.

The only way to know is to take the page live and run a split test.

I provide options to swap for testing and watch your site analytics. 

I make adjustments if necessary.

You keep the winner, and maybe it becomes your new control. 


Time to test Our hypothesis