Magic Pomodoro Altar – Destiny

You’ve heard of the Pomodoro Technique. It’s a method of time boxing and monotasking in which you focus on doing just one thing at a time to completion. Then you track the time.

I’ve done it almost every day for the past 1265 days (3 1/2 years). But I made my own twist (so to speak), that I call the Magic Pomodoro Technique. It harnesses the power of superstition to be productive.

Stephen King says that writing is self hypnosis.

So,I put my timer on a magic altar filled with symbols of deep personal meaning and symbolism. Then I hypnotize myself using the shamanic beats of Mannavegr, by Danheim.

Every day I do this work ritual. EVERY DAY, without fail.

Recently I started putting tarot cards, wisdom cards, on my altar. This week I pulled Destiny. Here’s what the book says:

“You have a universal destiny and a personal destiny. Your universal destiny is to become whole and connected, to find your center, to overcome all that destroys your peace, to face your fears, let go of hurts, and love yourself and your life with unreserved delight.”

“You also have a personal destiny, and that destiny involves seeking and following your bliss. Your destiny is to find and lead a life that has meaning and purpose. But your destiny is not to be found out there in the world; you must step inside and explore your heart and mind. Your destiny is not predetermined. It is a choice you will make based on your inherent gifts and talents.”

May the Force be with you.

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