Leave Nothing to Chance – Practice Copywriting Every Day


I was practicing for a Toastmasters International Speech competition. I gave that speech more than 59 times. But that’s nothing.

Al Gore gave his global warming talk over a thousand times. Why?

To get every nuance and inflection and dramatic pause etched into his bones so when he got nervous, his training kicked in.

It’s one of the 48 Laws of Power. Leave nothing to chance.

Pros make it look easy but the fact is they have countless hours of practice sitting behind them.

Steph Curries made tens of thousands of baskets. He’s a two-time MVP, but he still shoots baskets for hours EVERY day so when the time comes and it hits the fan, he doesn’t think.

He uses the Force, puts aside his conscious mind, and acts without thinking.

Short form writing is the hardest. That’s why I’ve written for Twitter and LI every day for 200+ days.

Want to get good? Practice every day.


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