It’s Not Copywriting. It’s Copy Assembly.

Copy isn’t written. It’s assembled. So said Gene Schwartz, one of the most famous copywriters ever. What did he mean?

He would research the heck out of his product, getting any information he could from any place available. And then he’d write his copy in an hour or two. How could he do that?

Because he had found his Big Idea, that concept that blows the competition out of the water. He also had taken the exact language of the customer, from interviews, and just had to put his research together.

I’m kicking off a copywriting research call this morning for a new client. They do crazy agricultural stuff. I’ll be asking a ton of questions. Why?

Because when I get those questions answered,

when I interview buyers and users(recording and transcribing what they say),

and I know everything there is to know about this product,

my work will be done.

Then all I have to do is put it all together.

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