It Is In Giving That We Receive – An Unusual Perspective

I posted 250 days in a row on LinkedIn and Twitter and I learned it is in giving that you receive. But not in the way you think.

At 30/post, I’ve spent 125 hours crafting my posts.

That means I gave 3 forty hour work weeks back to the community.

What did I receive? Feedback and connection, which has been great. More importantly?

I got a great sense of satisfaction from just being relentlessly consistent.  Very few people have the discipline to do this. I didn’t think I did. But here I am, still standing.

I have also become a pretty freaking decent writer and built up a body of work.

I’ve also gotten faster at writing.  

Anyhow here are some other things that 

1)I’m biased by seeing certain people respond to my posts. It makes me feel good to see them.

2)I got a ton of traffic from cross posting.

3)Impressions are more important than likes. But likes do feel good.

4)Don’t focus on the metrics. Just keep posting. That is my sole goal.

5)If you want likes, say things people already know and understand. Want likes? Post emotional stuff. Want to educate? Don’t expect much clicking.

6)Repeat posting content. It’s a major time suck.

7)The reason there is so much echo chamber content on LI is because it takes a huge amount of mental energy to be original.

8)You need a system.

9)Time of the day to post – Just post in the morning and screw it.

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