How to Future-Proof Your Career in the Age of AI – Insights from Someone Who Survived a Tech Tsunami

Do you know what it’s like for your job to go extinct? I do. That’s why I’m here to help you learn AI, so you don’t drown like I almost did.

I got a Master’s degree in Multimedia in ’97. Cutting edge then; now the field’s gone.

I was a “web master” when there were only two jobs: web master or graphic designer. Now? 

Teams of people do the job I did: full stack developers, SEO architects, U/X designers, database admins, and more. So many more. Why am I mentioning this? Because this will happen to you. Why?

Because AI underwent a phase change in 2022. Today’s AI is as different from the AI of five years ago, as ice is from liquid water. Same thing, but totally different. Now here’s the crazy part.

In June 2022, the Economist called AI a “general purpose technology.” That means, it revolutionizes EVERY industry, like electricity or computers did. 

Stop and think about that cause it’s HUGE.

Anybody who creates anything on a computer is going to be affected, for good and bad. 

It’s why screenwriters and movie makers are on strike. 

And don’t forget the 160,000 tech workers that were laid off in 2023. Heck, I’m in the SF Bay Area, and I can’t find a job despite having a killer skillset.

“It’s not destruction. It’s disruption,” they say. “It’s opportunity.” Easy to say when you haven’t been out of work for a year and a half.

But this isn’t my first “change rodeo.” I lived through the upheaval of the Dotcom boom. 

But this is much bigger and way faster.

I’m not trying to frighten you; I’m trying to wake you up. I want to help you get ahead of those “climate change deniers” who think this is a “trend.” 

Because where other’s see a “curve of technology adoption,” I see a mountain-sized wave of destruction. And it’s the size of the world’s biggest waves, like the kind we get here at Maverick’s in NorCal. But here’s the cool part. 

Surfers ride those killer waves(literally killer). And we can ride the AI wave.

We have to.

Or else.

So follow me on LinkedIn and I’ll help you surf one of the gnarliest tech waves ever.

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