How I Trained My Brain To Write 235,000 Words In 2022 – My Unique Productivity Hack

Dear Productivity Fiends, 

How’d I write 235,000 words in 2022?  

Sorry, I’m nervous right now. I don’t usually share this personal stuff. Especially this secret technique I’ve shared with only a very few.

My key to rock-solid consistency is a magic work ritual.  

I start every day doing the same thing, like drinking coftea. 

Doing the same thing every day has conditioned my brain to write when I hear auditory cues. 

Since I’ve done this every day for four years, I’ve rewired my brain so it’s triggered into a state of self-hypnosis. (That’s a Stephen King suggestion.)

First I put on the same music I’ve used to start my day nearly every day for four years. 

It’s Danheim’s “Mannavegr.” The hypnotic Viking drums get me going and are great work music.

Then I resolve my will and set my intention. As I twist my timer, I say “As I wind, so I bind. Now distractions leave my mind.”  Now the timer is ticking. I love the sound of that timer.

Next, I focus on doing one thing at a time to completion and write like a fiend for 25 minutes.

In case you’re wondering what the picture is, it’s my secret work altar filled with symbols of deep personal meaning. There’s too much to go into here. But I’m sharing the wisdom card that reminds me of the interconnection of Heaven and Earth and my work.

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May the Force be with you,


P.S. Why’s it magic? Because it’s changed my life.

Magic is a technology that has real results, but we don’t understand how it works. Case in point, scientists can’t account for 95% of the known Universe.  They literally don’t know where it is. 

They call it dark matter or dark energy. I call it magic and it’s real, like the placebo effect. Nobody knows why it works, but it does. In fact, it works REALLY well as evidenced by the results I’ve achieved.

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