You're Hunt For a Killer Copywriter is Over

William Shakespeare said, “Better a jack of all trades, master of none, than a master of one.”

Want a frictionless buying process? Hire a usability expert.

Want a well organized site? Hire an information architect.

Want a clear and usable website? Hire a copywriter.

Want all three? Hire me.


20+ years experience in the industry I have.

He was talking about independent contractors who would likely starve if they only did one thing.

Well I took his advice to heart.

I’ve performed EVERY role on the web team.

I know I can solve any problem or manage any resource.

You want sales? You need a useful website.

This isn’t some fancy pants design.

It’s just a functional design that has one goal. Get the customer what they want as quickly as possible.

Design is nice, but its nothing without words.


What makes a website usable?  The right words on the page.

You don’t get those without really understanding your customer.

Otherwise, all design is just a big grid. 

You wouldn’t get any sales without words on a page and the right words get you a lot more money than the wrong ones.

My copy landed a $1.1M lead off a web page for a commercial roofing company. I got a $60k lead off a blog post.

The key to killer copy an in-depth analysis of your customer and your business.

Download your “Customer Research System”.

You want sales. I want to get you sales. 

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I understand “why they buy”.

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Copywriter • Storyteller • Attention Grabber
Wallet Whisperer • Results Getter

People hire me for


Tell a story that generates highly qualified leads

Landing Pages

Grab their attention, amplify their pain and get them to buy

Sales Pages

Speak to their desires. Pique their curiosity. Generate biz.


Drum up new business with this essential marketingchannel


Establish trust and authority so they want do business with you


Deep dive into your customer’s mind and figure out why they buy

Some nice things folks said about me

“Donovan has been amazing to work with on our website project. [..]

He has been very professional and transparent throughout the whole process and has been incredibly responsive.

His attention to detail is also super impressive.

He exceeded our expectations, and we now have a go-to guy for all of our website needs moving forward.”

– Mekenzie Cronic, RedhouseUSA, Agency

“Donovan did an excellent job with the assignment, turning in a finished article very quickly with no need for revisions. I highly recommend hiring him and look forward to working with him again, myself.”

-Adam Sparks, Adaptive Media Services

“Donovan delivered good work on this project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills were reasonably strong.”

– Macy Yue, The Farm Haven

“While the actual work is important, it’s the person’s attitude that’s important. Donovan has been and continues to be a great person to work with.[…]

His work is stellar and he’s always open to feedback and also seeks feedback. I plan on keeping him long-term. […]”

– Conrad Abraham, Speechify AI, Content Manager and Editor


“Donovan is a top-notch wordsmith. His process helped clarify my own ideas and articulate them clearly. […] Highly recommended.

– Andrew Scott, AI Entrepeneur


“Donovan is wonderful to work with. Very good freelancer and greatly recommended!”

– Ma Vocales, Hyped Marketing

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