Fascinations Are the Single Most Important Copywriting Skill

“Writing fascinations is the single most important copywriting skill.” – Eddy Shleyner

Invented in the 1960’s by Mel Martin, they are bullet points on steroids. Here’s a couple of examples:

How the 3 Basic Elements found in every single successful (multi-million dollar) television infomercial can also be used to boost the profitability of your newspaper ads!

Why your “back end” may be 1,000 times more profitable than your initial sale… and what to do to take advantage of it now!

This is why I’m doing Eddy’s micro course.

I read 100 of his curated examples out loud.

Now I’m hand-copying each of them and reading them out loud again.

Also I’m trying to work them into all my subject lines, and bullet points.

The good news is I’m starting to dream of them so they’re making their way into my long term memory.


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