Copywriting Has One Purpose

“What’s copywriting?” I asked.
“Well you write copy,” she replied.
I winced.

She’s not alone. Ironically, most people don’t know what copywriters REALLY do. So let’s get clear.

Journalists report events.
Content writers inform and get SEO rank.
Fiction writers entertain.

Everything a copywriter does has a singular purpose:
To get readers to take action.

We ENGINEER our writing to grab attention and do anything to get results: Clicks, calls, buys, subscribes.

We’ll break a sentence in the middle, to get you to go to the top of the next column.

We craft the first sentence just to get you to read the second sentence, and so on.

We write 20 headlines, and pick the single best, because we know if you don’t read the headline, you won’t read anything else.

We write to address our audience needs, not to gratify our ego or be cool.

We leverage cutting edge psychology and agonize over word choice to get what we want.

In the end, you’ll think it was your idea to click that button.


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