Copywriters Shift The Reader’s Perspective To Get Them To Buy

Lepidoptera. It means “scaled wing.” That’s the scientific name for butterflies. Why? They all have scales on their wings.

Imagine how astonished I felt when I took this photo of a monarch butterfly wing under a microscope. Talk about MIND BLOWN.

A couple of crazy things about monarch butterflies:

They travel from Mexico to the Great Lakes over the course of four generations. How the hell? None have been to the next part of the journey, but they know the way in their genes. You can encode transgenerational memories of geospatial data in genes. WTH?

Also they’re going extinct.

One reason I write is to draw attention to their plight.

Anyhow, I never understood the scaled wing thing until I looked at it closely through a microscope.

Because I shifted my perspective, I was able to see a whole different world.

That’s what a copywriter does. They shift people’s perspectives. Out of all the marketing trades, they are the ones that understand the customer deeply. If they’ve done their research.

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