Compete With Yourself To Achieve Great Things

Compete with yourself to achieve great things.

I won National Novel Writing Month 7 years in a row.  All I had to do was write 50,000 words during November.

This taught me an unrelenting discipline, and to stay ahead of the curve. If I just wrote 1,500 words a day, I’d stay on track. If I slipped for a few days I’d have to catch up and that was no fun.

So every day I came home and wrote my 1,500 words.

I didn’t respond to emails. I ignored the news or holiday drama.  The only thing that mattered was getting words on the page. Do you know how freeing that is?

In 2018, I wrote 90,000 words in five weeks.  That was my last year. I haven’t achieved this level of productivity since then, because writing novels are hard.

So I edited my wife’s 170,000 word sci-fi romance novel.

Four times.

A competition is a reason to train. I highly recommend trying National Novel Writing Month in November. It’s a great reason to write and ignore all the problems of the world.

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