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Why You Need This Cheat Sheet: No Fluff, Just the Good Stuff

Unlock the Swiss Army Knife of Digital Conversations

Ever wished you could snap your fingers and become a marketing guru, a programming tutor, or even a mental health counselor? This cheat sheet makes ChatGPT your personal genie for 10 different roles. You’ll get advice that’s almost as good as paying experts, but you know, without emptying your wallet.

Boost Your Brain Juice

You don’t need to meditate on a mountaintop to enhance your thought process. The cheat sheet offers ‘Thought Enhancers’ that skyrocket your problem-solving and creativity. It’s like having a pocket-sized mentor, without the awkward small talk.

Frameworks: The Building Blocks of Brilliance

Who needs business school when you’ve got frameworks like SWOT and AIDA at your fingertips? These aren’t just acronyms; they’re your new secret weapons in decision-making.

Utility Prompts: Your Magic Words

Ever get stuck trying to articulate what you need? Our 10 utility prompts are your conversational cheat codes. Want to craft a killer LinkedIn post or analyze a CSV file like a data wizard? Just prompt away.

Guidelines: Play Nice, Play Smart

ChatGPT can be a bit literal, so we’ve got guidelines to help you finesse the conversation. Think of it as socializing with a robot that doesn’t get offended when you ask it to revise.

Versatility in Format and Style

Whether you’re penning a persuasive essay or crafting a business email, this cheat sheet has 12 different formats to fit your narrative needs. APA, MLA, Chicago—you name it, we’ve got it.

Tone It Up or Down

Love a good pun or prefer to keep it straightforward? Our cheat sheet lets you toggle the tone from witty to diplomatic. It’s like having a style consultant for your words.


This isn’t just a cheat sheet; it’s your new digital sidekick. It’s like having a room full of experts, creatives, and analysts, all rolled into one handy PDF. Download it. Use it. And start turning your conversations into conversions, ideas into action, and questions into insights.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Marketing expert

Business consultant

Human resources


Copy Chief

Programming tutor

Mental health counselor


SEO expert

[Name of expert]

Thought Enhancers

Problem solving

Creativity boosting

Critical thinking

Decision making

Concept understanding

Productivity enhancement

Emotional intelligence


SWOT analysis

Pain – Agitate – Solution(PAS)


Jobs to Be Done

10 Utility Prompts

Explain it to me in the language of a [6th grader, high school student]

Give me feedback on my writing as a [role]

Write ten ideas for a viral LinkedIn post on [topic]

Give me ten intriguing hooks for the following LinkedIn post

Rewrite the the following text as a LinkedIn profile

Write me a [number] word [format] on [topic]

Create an executive summary and highlight key points

Read the following terms and 

Analyze the following CSV and turn it into a graph

Create a table comparing [topic 1, topic 2, topic 3]

Respond with questions to help me understand

Write me a cover letter for this [job description]


Give explicit feedback

Ask Chat for suggestions

Be polite. It’s a good habit builder.

Rewrite and edit Chat’s output

12 Formats

Case studies



Social media post




Executive summary

Business email

LinkedIn post

Persuasive essay


Plan – marketing or business

Style Format

APA, MLA, Chicago

Tone of Voice











Literary Descriptors

Detailed / Abstract

Flowery / Spartan

Formal / Informal

Dramatic / Understated

Ornate / Plain

Objective / Subjective

Realistic / Fantastical

Linear / Non-linear

Concise / Wordy

Traditional / Experimental

People I Follow

Matthew Fox on YouTube

GodaGo on YouTube

Ruben Hassid on LinkedIn


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