Charles Miller’s Secret to Copywriting Success – Give Till You Wanna Puke

“Give until it makes you feel physically nauseous.” – Charles Miller

Hey Oakland Copywriters, Donovan Rittenbach here. This is his secret to success? You gotta be kidding.

I feel SOOOOO much resistance to this idea, but…

Charles is an authority. He has 44,000 followers on LinkedIn, writes amazing content and makes a very nice living.

Then I go to a consultants meeting and one of the suggestions for generating new business is just to do free work for a company you want to work for and offer it to them. 

It doesn’t matter if they take it or leave it.  Just do it.

The end of the consultants’ meeting wraps with a quote from Stephen Pressfield’s classic “The War of Art” in which he talks about the inner struggle of creators as we fight our greatest enemy, Resistance.  

Damn, that’s a good book.

This makes me think of a Lauren Hill lyric:

 “The path you refuse is the path you must choose” which I also heard a Tibetan Guru say.

So damnit damnit damnit.  

I guess I’m going to have to do it and see what happens even though every bone in my body screams “No! It’s a waste of time. You should be paid for your work.”

And then a little voice says “It’s in giving that you receive.” 

Then my resolution wilts like a week-old daisy. 

Thus begins a new experiment.

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