How to Win, Even When You Lose

Last night I won, even though I lost. I had been competing in an International Speaking Contest, and last night I got trounced. Late last year, I quit a secure job I had for nine years as a webmaster/videographer to do something “more challenging”. Silly me. I got more than I bargained for, as we […]

Magic Word: Mirror

“Mirror” can be a noun or a verb. Its verb form means “to reflect”. Magic mirrors are common plot devices in fairy tales. They serve many purposes including rapid travel to someplace else, giving advice or the ability to see distant events. Even if those stories aren’t real, there is something very real about mirror […]

The Rule of Three

There are certain things that just work. The rule of threes is one of them. Three is the smallest number of elements required to make a pattern and that makes them more memorable. If you use it, your communications will have a greater impact. Three is simple enough for anybody to remember, so marketers use […]

Our Stories Can Save Them

Imagine you are living in the year 1800. You look up and see a dark line emerging from the horizon at 12:00 p.m. The mile-wide line crawls across the sky, blotting out the sun, forming a massive shadow across the land. It is a flock of passenger pigeons traveling at 60 miles per hour. They […]

Key Elements of Storytelling

Being able to tell a good story is critical, especially if you are a leader. A surprising number of leaders don’t know that if you want people to forget, tell them a fact. If you want them to remember, tell them a story. Let’s look at an example that has essential ingredients you find in […]