The Best Way to Get What You Want

I love sharing quality intel. For decades now I have been asking “What is the one thing I can do that would have the greatest positive impact on my life?” The answer to that question would hit three birds with one stone, and holistically affect my health, personal relationships, and career. It would shift the […]

Magic Word: Mirror

“Mirror” can be a noun or a verb. Its verb form means “to reflect”. Magic mirrors are common plot devices in fairy tales. They serve many purposes including rapid travel to someplace else, giving advice or the ability to see distant events. Even if those stories aren’t real, there is something very real about mirror […]

Magic Word: Alchemy

The Oxford English Dictionary says alchemy is derived from khemia, which means “black earth”. It’s a reference to the fertile soil of the Nile, as opposed to red desert sand. It was an ancient name for Egypt, and means “the Egyptian art”. Alchemists are famous for trying to turn base metals of lead into precious […]

Magic Word: Enchant

Enchant is one of my favorite words. It means “to fill someone with great delight; charm” and “to put someone under a spell; bewitch” It originated from “cantar” which means “to sing” in Latin. It also closely related to “incantation’. This music magic is so powerful, people pay $300 a ticket to see Madonna perform. […]

Magic Word: Name

Today’s magic word is, “Name”. Names are incredibly powerful, in folklore and real life. They invoke powerful associations that determine one’s destiny. To name something is to define it. For example, the Bible opens with God parading all the animals before Adam, so he could name them. (Fast fact: Adam means “earth”) When Adam gives […]

Key Elements of Storytelling

Being able to tell a good story is critical, especially if you are a leader. A surprising number of leaders don’t know that if you want people to forget, tell them a fact. If you want them to remember, tell them a story. Let’s look at an example that has essential ingredients you find in […]

Magic Word: Spelling

I am going to cast a spell on you. It will shift your perspective and change how you think about the innocuous word “spelling” and change how much you value the art of writing. Every time you write something and share it, you are casting a spell. Literally. People cast hundreds of millions of spells […]