Formaticide – Birth of a New Word – New Word Wednesday

Friends, it’s New Word Wednesday. Copywriters make up new words to explain things for which there are no existing words. Here we go. Formaticide is the utter eradication of a media format by a “”a new and improved” media. I.e. one that’s impossible to share. Cassettes. CD-ROMs. DVDs? You could make a cassette mix tape […]

What I’D Do Different: Peninsula Open Space Trust Email Signup Page

Peninsula Open Space Trust protects more than 80,000 acres in the Bay Area. This is their current email signup page: The POST Hiking Guide is their most popular communication piece. People care about the outdoors because they want to get exercise, go on picnics, see wildlife or find  spectular vistas. I propose they change the […]

Land Your Dream Job Using the CAR Formula

You want to: Write a resume that gets calls or Easily answer any question in a job interview? If you’re struggling to find the right words, then… I’m psyched to teach you one of the most versatile tools in my communication toolbox: The C.A.R. Formula.   It’s the most effective way to share your impact is […]

How to Create a Killer Sales Page That Converts

Want the right people to contact you? You need a sales page that speaks directly to your ideal customer, and gets them to click or call. If you are an established business, most people contact you because a trusted peer said to. Nothing beats the power of a word-of-mouth referral. If they found you on […]

3 Jedi Mind Tricks to Negotiate and Stop Stress

Most of us are under a lot more stress and the tension is just going to keep ratcheting up. The place we are most likely to find stress is in our personal relationships, especially when we have conflicting goals. We all need to negotiate with other people on a daily basis. I would like to […]

Reconstructing Swordfighting From Medieval Manuscripts

Guest post co-written with J. Marlow Schmauder. I have been studying reconstructed swordfighting techniques from medieval manuscripts for eight years. It’s a great workout, and incredibly fun. I practice both unarmored and in historically accurate armor. You know, as in “knights in shining armor”… When I told Donovan what I do in my spare time, […]

The Best Way to Get What You Want

I love sharing quality intel. For decades now I have been asking “What is the one thing I can do that would have the greatest positive impact on my life?” The answer to that question would hit three birds with one stone, and holistically affect my health, personal relationships, and career. It would shift the […]

How to Win, Even When You Lose

Last night I won, even though I lost. I had been competing in an International Speaking Contest, and last night I got trounced. Late last year, I quit a secure job I had for nine years as a webmaster/videographer to do something “more challenging”. Silly me. I got more than I bargained for, as we […]

Magic Word: Mirror

“Mirror” can be a noun or a verb. Its verb form means “to reflect”. Magic mirrors are common plot devices in fairy tales. They serve many purposes including rapid travel to someplace else, giving advice or the ability to see distant events. Even if those stories aren’t real, there is something very real about mirror […]