Refine Labs killed their Top 10 podcast last night. So sad. It’s the end of an era.

In closing remarks, the ever insightful PabloGonzalez made a comment about how he really admired Refine Labs was setting up a “Data Flywheel”.…

Friends, words are magical.

What spell would you cast if you could put the right words in the right order?

To get work?

To get people to take click or buy?

To protect your favorite animal? (Mine’s elephants.)

The right …

Copywriters make up new words.

We had my nephew over for a graduation lunch. It was a gladsad occasion.

He was leaving for college soon so I made him an awesome lunch.

Ironic Meatloaf* with my killer pesto aioli, bright …

Sangha is one of the three pillars of Buddhism. It is essential to finding enlightenment.

“What is my life’s purpose?”
Hint: You find it when you help others.

The more words you know, the more power you have.

Support your …

I’m out of peanut butter, and need some milk. I open the Amazon app.

I need to find coffee and am looking for a place nearby to buy some wakey wakey juice.

These are windows of opportunity Google’s Sridhar Ramaswamy …

Copywriter, are you paralyzed by perfection?

This week I’m going to faceplant. I can feel it. But guess what?

I’m going to get up and keep moving forward.

I’m going to fail at something new, get up and get better.…

“What’s copywriting?” I asked.
“Well you write copy,” she replied.
I winced.

She’s not alone. Ironically, most people don’t know what copywriters REALLY do. So let’s get clear.

Journalists report events.
Content writers inform and get SEO rank.
Fiction writers …