Make Your Writing Musical

Do you know “She’ll be coming round the mountain?” It was the first song I remember learning. My grandfather taught it to me when I was 4.   Writing is best when it’s musical, but its hard to be lyrical.   Still, here’s a little chorus I wrote to “She’ll be coming around the mountain.” […]

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect – Vincent Lombardi

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vincent Lombardi For 40 some years, I said “practice makes perfect.” Then I heard this. Makes a lot more sense. It’s easy to practice poorly, and build bad habits. So now when I start practicing, I practice small and slow. Then I build up […]

Being Consistent Builds Character

I’m stumped. “I should post on this. No I should post on that.” It’s Friday morning and my brain’s ran out of coffee. I have so many ideas and yet none of them “will go viral”. I.e. get 11 likes. How about this? I’ve now posted to LinkedIn and Twitter for over 200 days in a […]

Every Web Project Should Start With A Discovery Phase

Don’t do free work when bidding on ANY web or copywriting projects. You are a consultant and should get paid for your time. Here’s why every web project should start with a paid discovery phase: 1) It is a small project that establishes trust with the customer. 2) You might find a huge surprise waiting […]

Fascinations – The Most Important Tool in a Copywriter’s Toolbox

Eddie Shleyner 🇺🇦 says Fascinations are the most important tool in a copywriter’s toolbox, so I did his micro course. I read 100 curated fascinations out loud, then over the course of 5 days I hand copied 20 of them and read them out loud. Total pages: 14 Fascinations should tease a value, embellish a […]

Copywriters Shift The Reader’s Perspective To Get Them To Buy

Lepidoptera. It means “scaled wing.” That’s the scientific name for butterflies. Why? They all have scales on their wings. Imagine how astonished I felt when I took this photo of a monarch butterfly wing under a microscope. Talk about MIND BLOWN. A couple of crazy things about monarch butterflies: They travel from Mexico to the […]

How to Unlock Any Door With Copywriting

Friends, here’s something they never taught me in English class, or I would have paid A LOT CLOSER ATTENTION. The right words in the right order to the right people at the right time can take you anyplace you want to go in life. They are the keys that unlock any door. Need somebody to […]

Fascinations Are the Single Most Important Copywriting Skill

“Writing fascinations is the single most important copywriting skill.” – Eddy Shleyner Invented in the 1960’s by Mel Martin, they are bullet points on steroids. Here’s a couple of examples: How the 3 Basic Elements found in every single successful (multi-million dollar) television infomercial can also be used to boost the profitability of your newspaper […]

Break the Rules Like an Artist – Pablo Picasso

The camera put painters out of business. It reproduced reality perfectly, so painters started doing things cameras couldn’t. That’s how modern art was born. Pablo invented cubism. He was representing 3d space on a 2d canvas. But first, he mastered “normal” painting. In the beginning, copy the best. I hand copied 120 pages of sales […]

Use the REPLY Methodology To Write Cold Emails That Connect

Trying to connect via LinkedIn InMail, but not getting responses? Here’s how you can let your customer know you see eye to eye. Using personalization, and a deep understanding of your customers, you can send personalized pitches that speak directly to your prospect’s needs. Use the Reply Method Here’s how you can write better InMails that […]