ChatGPT Power Prompts Cheat Sheet – Free Download

Why You Need This Cheat Sheet: No Fluff, Just the Good Stuff Unlock the Swiss Army Knife of Digital Conversations Ever wished you could snap your fingers and become a marketing guru, a programming tutor, or even a mental health counselor? This cheat sheet makes ChatGPT your personal genie for 10 different roles. You’ll get […]

Demystifying Large Language Models: A Technical Guide

Introduction to Large Language Models In recent years, large language models like GPT-3 have rapidly advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. But how exactly do these mysterious “black box” models work under the hood? This article will provide a comprehensive technical look at the inner workings and capabilities of modern language models. We dive into: – What […]

Cheat Sheet – The Most Common AI Terms You Should Know

Want to sound super smart at your next founder’s meeting or cocktail party? Here are the most important terms to know in the field of AI, explained in plain english. Algorithm – A finite set of rigorous instructions that perform calculations and data processing. Artificial intelligence – A general concept of machines acting in a way that […]

4 Practical Reasons Why DallE3 is Superior To Midjourney

I’m a Convert. Four Reasons DallE3 Kills Midjourney.(Includes Video) This control is stunning, and that’s just for starters. Watch the video here: I didn’t believe it. I thought Midjourney was the best. Turns out I was wrong. (12/13/23) Why and what was the winning strategy? Dall•E 3 has a distinct advantage over Midjourney. It’s integrated […]

Unseen Forces – How to Tap the Lizard Brain to Get Them To Buy

Unseen forces. They’re everywhere. Literally. 95% of your mind is subconscious. This is where you find the deep primal impulses that drive your life. In the 2000s, half of all Fortune 100 companies hired Clotaire Rapaille, author of “The Culture Code.” Why? To tap the 400 million old reptilian brain, the final decision maker. Based on his […]

Each Piece of Content Is an Piece of Virtual Real Estate

Creating these posts take time, so I stick them on my website and use them in my newsletter. If you publish something once, it becomes a piece of SEO content. That content could drive traffic for years to come. After you craft a social media post, don’t forget to save it. If it’s good you […]

How to Be a Fascinating Copywriter

Sally Hogshead’s book on branding, called “Fascinate”, is amazeballs. Fascinate means “to bewitch.” I’ve hidden my “light under a bushel” for far too long. I hid to blend and belong. That’s what shapeshifters do. Like superheroes, they put on a disguise so they can live in the “normal” world. Dare to be who you are. […]

Simplicity Isn’t Simple

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci It’s easy to write a lot of words to explain something to a smart person. The true measure of the mastery of your craft is when you write a few words that can explain the same thing to a 2nd grader. Strive to write with the […]