ChatGPT Power Prompts Cheat Sheet – Free Download

Why You Need This Cheat Sheet: No Fluff, Just the Good Stuff Unlock the Swiss Army Knife of Digital Conversations Ever wished you could snap your fingers and become a marketing guru, a programming tutor, or even a mental health counselor? This cheat sheet makes ChatGPT your personal genie for 10 different roles. You’ll get […]

Demystifying Large Language Models: A Technical Guide

Introduction to Large Language Models In recent years, large language models like GPT-3 have rapidly advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. But how exactly do these mysterious “black box” models work under the hood? This article will provide a comprehensive technical look at the inner workings and capabilities of modern language models. We dive into: – What […]

Cheat Sheet – The Most Common AI Terms You Should Know

Want to sound super smart at your next founder’s meeting or cocktail party? Here are the most important terms to know in the field of AI, explained in plain english. Algorithm – A finite set of rigorous instructions that perform calculations and data processing. Artificial intelligence – A general concept of machines acting in a way that […]

23 Must Know ChatGPT Tips For Beginners

New to ChatGPT? Here are 23 essential prompts to get you started. 1. ChatGPT Beginner Tips: Introduction to essential ChatGPT tips. Example: “Show me basic ChatGPT tips for beginners.” 2. Tone Adjustment: Modify your writing style to be formal, casual, or emotional. Example: “Write this message in a casual tone.” 3. Idea Generation: Use ChatGPT […]

4 Reasons DallE3 Is Better Than Midjourney

4 Major Advantages Dall•E3 Has Over Midjourney. But Am I a Convert? Media package includes Meeting video Slide deck Executive summaries of video transcription by ChatGPT and Claude 2,000 word article by Claude (only briefly checked) Claude Summary Overview: The speaker discusses the image generation capabilities and tradeoffs of DALL-E vs Midjourney. DALL-E is integrated into […]

4 Practical Reasons Why DallE3 is Superior To Midjourney

I’m a Convert. Four Reasons DallE3 Kills Midjourney.(Includes Video) This control is stunning, and that’s just for starters. Watch the video here: I didn’t believe it. I thought Midjourney was the best. Turns out I was wrong. (12/13/23) Why and what was the winning strategy? Dall•E 3 has a distinct advantage over Midjourney. It’s integrated […]

Free ChatGPT Online Course – ChatGPT Mastery  —  Intro – Parts 1 to 4

AI for beginners and business. A blue space background with people walking into it.

Part 1: Introduction This course will teach you how to structure and build prompts to unlock the VAST power of ChatGPT. Sounds scary? Don’t worry. It’s not. If you can write in plain English, and use a word processor, you can use ChatGPT. This course assumes a basic familiarity with ChatGPT, a GenAI-powered chatbot from […]

Sam Altman Purportedly Fired Over Project Q* Dangers. What Is It (In Plain English)?

The Mysterious Breakthrough Known as Q* (Q-Star): Is This the Path to Artificial General Intelligence(AGI)? In late 2022, rumors began swirling around a secretive artificial intelligence project at OpenAI called Q-Star. Details remain scarce, but leaks and speculation indicate that Q-Star may represent a massive leap forward in AI capabilities — perhaps even putting general artificial intelligence […]

10 Ways to Make Money With ChatGPT and Midjourney

Executive Summary The meeting focused on how to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney to generate business ideas and make money. The host discussed using AI to create content, artwork, apps, games, online courses, consulting services, personalized coaching, and more. He emphasized the importance of imagination and creativity in coming up with new business […]