10 Ways to Make Money With ChatGPT and Midjourney

Executive Summary The meeting focused on how to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney to generate business ideas and make money. The host discussed using AI to create content, artwork, apps, games, online courses, consulting services, personalized coaching, and more. He emphasized the importance of imagination and creativity in coming up with new business […]

ChatGPT Power Prompts Cheat Sheet – Free Download

Why You Need This Cheat Sheet: No Fluff, Just the Good Stuff Unlock the Swiss Army Knife of Digital Conversations Ever wished you could snap your fingers and become a marketing guru, a programming tutor, or even a mental health counselor? This cheat sheet makes ChatGPT your personal genie for 10 different roles. You’ll get […]

Cheat Sheet – The Most Common AI Terms You Should Know

Want to sound super smart at your next founder’s meeting or cocktail party? Here are the most important terms to know in the field of AI, explained in plain english. Algorithm – A finite set of rigorous instructions that perform calculations and data processing. Artificial intelligence – A general concept of machines acting in a way that […]

Demystifying Large Language Models: A Technical Guide

Introduction to Large Language Models In recent years, large language models like GPT-3 have rapidly advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. But how exactly do these mysterious “black box” models work under the hood? This article will provide a comprehensive technical look at the inner workings and capabilities of modern language models. We dive into: – What […]

Use ChatGPT to Write a Great Resume and Cover Letter for Any Job

Write a Great Resume and Cover Letter for Any Job – Using AI Creating resumes is hard and writing cover letters is time consuming.  ChatGPT to the rescue! Expected time savings: 1-2 hours Step #1. Go to ChatGPT custom instructions. Copy-paste the following two prompts into GPT4’s custom settings. Find this by clicking your icon on the […]

AI Startup Advice – Messaging Strategy – Eugene Schwartz’s Five Stages of Awareness

My Prompt: I’m starting an AI company. The customer problem is reducing support requests with chatbots that have been trained on internal corporate documents. Using Eugene Schwartz’s five stages of awareness, tell me how I should do my market messaging. Chat GPTs Response Looking for an effective solution to reduce support requests in your business? […]

My AI Nightmare – Poor Design + Stupid People

“We Have Mind Reading AI” Claims Chinese Government. Based on three key metrics, PRC officials claim to be able to detect absolute dedication to the party. 1984 is going to be a comforting bedtime story when our real future comes for us. The deal is that we’re at the event horizon of a major change […]