Eugene Schwartz’s Five Stages of Awareness

My Prompt: I’m starting an AI company. The customer problem is reducing support requests with chatbots that have been trained on internal corporate documents. Using Eugene Schwartz’s five stages of awareness, tell me how I should do my market messaging.

Chat GPTs Response

Looking for an effective solution to reduce support requests in your business?

Our AI chatbots, trained on internal corporate documents, can revolutionize your customer service. Learn how to tailor your market messaging with Eugene Schwartz’s Five Levels of Awareness.

Eugene Schwartz’s Five Levels of Awareness

  • Unaware: The customer is not aware of their problem.
  • Problem Aware: The customer is aware they have a problem, but doesn’t know how to solve it.
  • Solution Aware: The customer is aware of solutions but doesn’t know which one to choose.
  • Product Aware: The customer knows about your product, but isn’t sure it’s right for them.
  • Most Aware: The customer knows your product and just needs to know the deal.

Tailoring Your Messaging With Eugene Schwartz’s Five Levels of Awareness

Unaware Customers

At this stage, focus on education. Show the potential cost savings, efficiency, and customer satisfaction improvements that can be gained from AI solutions. Use statistics, case studies, or stories that highlight the inefficiencies of current practices and the potential benefits of AI.

Example message: “Discover how AI is revolutionizing customer service, bringing unprecedented efficiency and customer satisfaction. Find out more.”

Problem Aware Customers

Show them that AI chatbots are an effective solution for their problem. Highlight the benefits of using AI chatbots for handling customer support requests.

Example message: “Struggling with overwhelming customer support requests? Explore how AI chatbots can streamline your support system and improve customer satisfaction.”

Solution Aware Customers

Present your AI chatbot as the best solution, emphasizing its ability to learn from internal corporate documents and its superiority over other solutions.

Example message: “Considering options for your support issues? Our AI chatbot not only helps manage support requests but also learns from your internal documents to give personalized, accurate responses.”

Product Aware Customers

Overcome objections and convince them. Demonstrate the unique aspects of your AI chatbot and share customer testimonials.

Example message: “Our AI chatbot isn’t just any chatbot. It’s specifically designed for corporate use, trained on your internal documents, and already trusted by companies like yours. Discover how they’re benefiting.”

Most Aware Customers

Focus on creating a sense of urgency and giving them an irresistible offer.

Example message: “Join the future of customer support now. Get our AI chatbot today and enjoy a special 20% discount for the first six months.”


Remember, the goal is to move your potential customers from one stage to the next, addressing their needs and concerns at each level, ultimately leading to a sale.

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