My AI Nightmare – Poor Design + Stupid People

“We Have Mind Reading AI” Claims Chinese Government.

Based on three key metrics, PRC officials claim to be able to detect absolute dedication to the party.

1984 is going to be a comforting bedtime story when our real future comes for us. The deal is that we’re at the event horizon of a major change in the world order, which is why China has been racing to dominate the AI industry by 2030.

AI is set to become as important to the world economy as electricity, the steam engine and computers. It is known as a GPT, or general purpose technology, and will affect EVERY industry.

This is the kicker. Whoever controls AI by 2030 will rule the world for the next 70 years, and the trade war is already heating up as the U.S. government plans new limits on China’s A.I. and supercomputing firms.

In the past four years AI made a quantum leap. It’s results used to be unpredictable. Now they are so useful that it’s entered it’s industrial age, according to Stanford researchers.

Are you prepared for the future? Because it’s here right now.

Want to know more about the near future of AI, one that’s happening now? You might enjoy this easy to read intro.

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