4 Practical Reasons Why DallE3 is Superior To Midjourney

I’m a Convert. Four Reasons DallE3 Kills Midjourney.(Includes Video)

This control is stunning, and that’s just for starters.

Watch the video here:

I didn’t believe it. I thought Midjourney was the best. Turns out I was wrong. (12/13/23) Why and what was the winning strategy?

Dall•E 3 has a distinct advantage over Midjourney. It’s integrated with one the best LLMs (suck it Gemini) in the world.

That means it has a thesaurus. Better yet…it writes your prompts for you, improving them with this simple, but highly effective strategy.

Here’s my starting prompt:

“Can you create a picture of the most fearsome shield maiden ever?”

Follow-up prompt:

“OK, that’s great. Can you make her even more fearsome?”

Repeat this several times.

The idea is to use “even more” or “even bigger.” That gets ChatGPT to take the prompt to the next level.

Each time, ChatGPT “thinks” of more ways to bump up the fearsome level, with better descriptors of the image.

The results are impressive.

And I learned…

It blows Midjourney away.

Cool shot but too D&D.

Trust me I loved(ouch) Midjourney, but it’s frustrating.

Here’s why.

I waste so much time trying to get a good image.

For instance, trying to get a full body shot of anybody in Midjourney is very hard. It always takes 3–4 zoom-outs.

I asked DallE3 for a full-body shot and it nailed it first try.

Want to replace an object in Midjourney?

You have to use InPainting and roll the dice with Midjourney…over and over and over again.

Drives me crazy.

Want to replace something a character is holding?

You can’t do it unless you are lucky.

DallE3 changed the sword in the character’s hand to an axe in one try. And it got rid of the ridiculously oversexualized cleavage and video game shield. And insanely long hair.

Sweet axe. Impossible shield. Love the environment. Should be on a video game cover.
It even gave her a braid, but the axe was wimpy.

And I never had to write a prompt ONCE.

I just gave it artistic direction.

The shield was ridiculous. I mean it was awesome but it was completely impossible.

So I told it to replace it with a wooden shield and golden hour lighting. By the way put embers in the sky(that axe is weird).

It has actual Futhark Runes on the shield rim! Insane.


First try!

Let’s face it. The biggest problem with these image AIs is you can’t control the results. At least that’s what I thought. Today I became a convert.

Midjourney is in serious trouble.

If I ditch it, I save $8/month.

My images aren’t shared with the public.
They are mine and mine alone.

I have FAR better control!

My favorite shot….

I don’t have to write any fancy pants prompts. I just give directions in plain English.

Sorry Midjourney. I think I’m a DallE3 convert.

Bonus prompt enhancers:

ChatGPT and LLMs respond well to encouragement (because of their linguistic relationships).

Say things like:

“You’re doing great.”
“You’ve got this. I believe in you.”
“Take a deep breath.”

And it will do better. It’s weird but true.

Oh yeah and just keep repeating your prompt with “make it even more” or “

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