Words are magic. Literally.
That's why it's called Spell-ing.

To cast means to send out, as in broadcast. 

Here’s how to cast money-making spells. It’s easy.

Write a sales email that provides the solution to your customer’s high-priority problem. 

Want a sales writer who can write the emails that get you real-world results?

Want Writing that "punches above its weight class"?

Are your articles, blogs and LinkedIn posts:

  • Building relationships that move the needle?
  • Establishing increasing buyer confidence?
  • Telling stories that grow your business?
  • Answering questions buyers didn’t know they had?
  • Diffusing objections and minimizing risks?
  • Grabbing attention with surprising insights?

I analyze your data and build repeatable systems and frameworks.

Then I amplify the messages that resonate with your audience to drive more biz.

Need a better content strategy? Let’s talk.

My Research and Writing process

1) Discovery – You tell me what you want to accomplish. I ask questions, and explain what I do and how I can help.
Outcome: Statement of Work

Then you sign an agreement and make a 100% advance payment.

2) Research – Using tried and true research methods, we research the company, customers and competitors.
Outcome – Research report

3) Strategy – We create your messaging strategy. You answer the most difficult question “How are you different?”
Outcome: Your messaging strategy.

4) Content Architecture – This is the structure and order of the content on your website, that helps shape messaging.
Outcome: Content Architecture

5) Copywriting & Wireframes – Using the assets we have created, I write copy and create wireframes for your website.
Outcome: New copy and guidance for the designer.

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Some Nice Things Clients Have Said About My Work

“Donovan has been amazing to work with on our website project. [..]

He has been very professional and transparent throughout the whole process and has been incredibly responsive.

His attention to detail is also super impressive.

He exceeded our expectations, and we now have a go-to guy for all of our website needs moving forward.”

– Mekenzie Cronic, RedhouseUSA, Agency

“Donovan delivered good work on this project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills were reasonably strong.”

– Macy Yue


“Donovan is a top-notch wordsmith. His process helped clarify my own ideas and articulate them clearly. He was very responsive to my requests and comments, and finished the job early. It was a pleasure working with him and I would work with him again. Highly recommended.”

– Andrew Scott, AI Entrepeneur

“While the actual work is important, it’s the person’s attitude that’s important. Donovan has been and continues to be a great person to work with. […]

His work is stellar and he’s always open to feedback and also seeks feedback.”

– Conrad Abraham, Speechify

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