Unleashing the Power of Primal Marketing

It’s a scientific fact that ad agencies manipulate your inner animal to give you what you want. Using neuroscience, they channel primal emotions like fear and hope to get you to sign up and buy.

I’m Donovan Rittenbach, and I use a time-tested system for writing copy that delivers superior results.

Like all effective marketing, it starts with customer research. Then, it leverages behavioral science to make your visitors feel they need to do business with you.

Want to know how they do it? Keep reading.

And yes, it works in both email and direct mail too.


Past Work

Some Relevant Things People Have Said About Me

“Donovan is a top-notch wordsmith. His process helped clarify my own ideas and articulate them clearly. He was very responsive to my requests and comments, and finished the job early. It was a pleasure working with him and I would work with him again. Highly recommended.”

– Andrew Scott, AI Entrepeneur

“Donovan has been amazing to work with on our website project. [..]

He has been very professional and transparent throughout the whole process and has been incredibly responsive.

His attention to detail is also super impressive.

He exceeded our expectations, and we now have a go-to guy for all of our website needs moving forward.”

– Mekenzie Cronic, RedhouseUSA, Agency

Hi. I'm Donovan Rittenbach. DR for short.

Over the past 27 years as a web marketer, I did it all…including coding, usability, design, and SEO.

Then seven years ago “a blinding light split open my third eye” and I had an epiphany.  

The words on the page are the most important part of a website.

If you want results on a website, you have to write the right words in the right order. That makes customers act in their best interest and buy from you. 

Simple? Yes.

Easy? No.


1. Product and Customer Research

40% of a campaign’s success depends on
having the right audience.

Know your customer better than they know themselves...

2. Offer Creation

40% of a campaign’s success depends
on the quality of your offer. 

You know its a good offer If
it hurts to say "no"

3. Copywriting and Design

20% of a campaign’s success depends on
persuasive sales copy and design.

Customers buy with emotion, but justify with logic

4. Test and Optimize

Even experts can’t accurately guess what 
will perform best. The only way to know is
 to test on 
a live website.

Time to test Our hypothesis

“Donovan is a skilled WordPress developer who not only helped us through a challenging project but managed to work with a very difficult set of circumstances that was created by a prior developer. If you need a proactive, communicative, and skilled WordPress developer, you will find that with Donovan.”

– Blade Mages, Middle Co

What I Help You Do

Website Rewrite

"I want professional web copy."

There are no shortcuts to great results. You only get them if you do great customer research. And you can only do that if you have data.

Ready to skyrocket your results?

Let’s grab them by the eyeballs, and make you a lot of money. 


Starts at $3,000

The VIP Work Day

"I need results...ASAP."

Don’t have time? Go to the front of the line.

You have a specific goal, and have prepared all assets that we need to be productive.

You get my undivided attention for 7 hours. 

Let’s go amigos!


Copy Critique

"I need to fine tune my copy"

I review your sales writing with you. 

You get a video of my copy critique and a written report.

It includes battle-tested copywriting tips to help optimize your sales copy and get the results you deserve.

Includes usability suggestions.