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Copywriters specialize in triggering people to click or call.

My redesigned web page got 12 leads off a website in two weeks (average was 3-5/month).

One of my emails got 15 jobs in 24 hours.

I write emails, web sites, landing pages and anything else that helps you sell.

Call me if you want more leads, demos, signups or sales. 

Optimize your site copy and get more leads.

Web Sites     Landing Pages    Emails    Sales Pages  

Great content -> More Traffic = Better leads


Content Writing

Quality blog posts and articles: 

  • establish your company’s expertise to customers,  
  • increase search rank on Google, 
  • and generate leads (like a $60k roofing job).

I’ve written more than 100 articles and blogs for companies like Speechify, Allied Construction Services, KQED, and more.

Topics include AI, project management, marketing, commercial roofing, copywriting and time management.

Content Writing     Content Strategy 

Optimize Your Site Speed and Security.


Website Optimization and Maintenance

I got a $1.1M lead off a website.  They didn’t click because of the pretty design. 

  • Optimize your site to get more leads
  • Secure your site from hackers
  • Need plugins updated or backups automated
  • Websites designed from scratch or just updated

I’ve administered WordPress websites since 2005.

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Custom Web Design & Web Site Development    Usability   Security 

Know your customer better than they know themselves.


“While the actual work is important, it’s the person’s attitude that’s important. Donovan has been and continues to be a great person to work with.[…]

His work is stellar and he’s always open to feedback and also seeks feedback. I plan on keeping him long-term. […]”

– Conrad Abraham, Speechify AI, Content Manager and Editor


“Donovan delivered good work on this project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills were reasonably strong.”

– Macy Yue, The Farm Haven

“Donovan is a top-notch wordsmith. His process helped clarify my own ideas and articulate them clearly. […] Highly recommended.

– Andrew Scott, AI Entrepeneur


“Donovan is wonderful to work with. Very good freelancer and greatly recommended!”

– Ma Vocales, Hyped Marketing


“Donovan did an excellent job with the assignment, turning in a finished article very quickly with no need for revisions. I highly recommend hiring him and look forward to working with him again, myself.”

-Adam Sparks, Adaptive Media Services

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