Give Your Business the Neuromarketing Advantage

I can help you know your
customers better than they know
themselves…and translate that into greater sales growth and profits…

Perhaps you’ve heard, “Customers buy with emotion and rationalize with logic”.  

But that’s oversimplifying what happens in the unconscious mind of your customer.

Research published in one of the leading scientific journals shows the unconscious mind makes decisions a full 10 seconds before the conscious mind decides to act. 

Those 10 seconds are critical to whether you get the sale or not.

That means if you know how to influence what goes on in your prospect’s unconscious mind, you’ve now gained a huge edge…one that can help catapult your sales and profits.


I’m Donovan Rittenbach.  I’m a copywriter, but people don’t hire me simply to write.

They hire me to think – to research, analyze, deduce, strategize…

And read between the lines of customers’ minds.

Called “neuromarketing” … it can give your business an unfair advantage.

Case Studies

For 17 years, I’ve used neuromarketing to deliver better results to businesses and non-profits. Now I’m ready to help your business sell more to the right customers.

Here’s how I’ve used neuromarketing to get better results:

  • The California Academy of Sciences was losing ticket sales due to high cart abandonment rates.  I redesigned the interface and rewrote the copy for clarity. With the buying friction removed, they saw a 57% increase in successful checkouts.
  • Bishop O’Dowd High School was struggling to fill its classrooms.  I crafted its website to trigger visitors’ primal brains and evoke the desired emotions.  Within 4 years, we had a 290% rise in admissions and had achieved maximum class size.
  • Allied Construction Services needed commercial roofing leads. I rewrote the home page.  Two days later, the company got a call from it resulting in a $1.1M commercial roofing job.

“Donovan has been amazing to work with on our website project. [..]

He has been very professional and transparent throughout the whole process and has been incredibly responsive.

His attention to detail is also super impressive.

He exceeded our expectations, and we now have a go-to guy for all of our website needs moving forward.”

– Mekenzie Cronic, RedhouseUSA, Agency

“Donovan is a top-notch wordsmith. His process helped clarify my own ideas and articulate them clearly. He was very responsive to my requests and comments, and finished the job early. It was a pleasure working with him and I would work with him again. Highly recommended.”

– Andrew Scott, AI Entrepeneur

Hi. I'm Donovan Rittenbach. DR for short.

People call me the “Copy Doctor.”

With more than 27 years of experience in web marketing, I’ve done it all…including coding,
U/X design, SEO and now copywriting.

In fact, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with it.

That’s because, unlike clean code or pretty design, it’s the words on the page that get you results.


1. Product and Customer Research

First, I assemble your copy building blocks.

I learn everything I can about your product and customers.

Next, I collect the exact language your customers use when talking about your product. Data sources include:

  • Review websites and Google testimonials
  • Customer service recordings
  • Live phone interviews


Then I create a detailed fears, frustrations, hopes, and dreams matrix.

This is where I look for opportunities to trigger your customer’s unconscious, including cognitive biases, hidden desires, and more.

Know your customer better than they know themselves

2. Offer Creation

40% of a campaign’s success depends on the quality of your offer.  If we don’t craft a great offer, my copy won’t work very well. Essential elements include:

1) Desire – Let’s build a burning desire in your customer’s heart

2) Proven results – What results will customers get if they buy?

3) Price – Price seems straightforward but it’s not. 

4) Incentives

  • Bonuses – We want to overdeliver value
  • Urgency – Why they need to act now
  • Scarcity – Limited quantity or access
  • Guarantees – Let’s eliminate ALL risk

You know its a good offer if
when it hurts to say "no"

3. Copywriting and Design

20% of campaign success is in copywriting.

Now that I’ve gathered all the building blocks, I can assemble your copy based on your brand voice.

Headlines – I spend a lot of time on this. If you don’t hook them, you can’t land them.

Persuasion framework – I weave my findings into a copywriting formula like Pain-Agitate-Solution.

I address all objections, make the offer value clear, and get customers the results they want.

Finally, I wireframe the copy for the designer.

Customers buy with emotion, but justify with logic

4. Test and Optimize

Even top experts can’t accurately guess what will perform best.

The only way to know is to take the page live and run a split test.

I provide options to swap for testing and watch your site analytics. 

I make adjustments if necessary.

You keep the winner, and maybe it becomes your new control. 


Science time
Prepare to be surprised

“While the actual work is important, it’s the person’s attitude that’s important. Donovan has been and continues to be a great person to work with. […]

His work is stellar and he’s always open to feedback and also seeks feedback.”

– Conrad Abraham, Speechify

What I Help You Do

Website Rewrite

"I need new copy."

SEO gets you found, but words get leads and sales.

Just starting or need a complete site rewrite?

Let’s grab them by the eyeballs, establish your authority, and make lots of money. 


Starts at $3,000

The VIP Work Day

"I need results...ASAP."

Don’t have time? Go to the front of the line.

You have a specific goal, and have prepared all assets that we need to be productive.

You get my undivided attention for 7 hours. 

Let’s do it!


Copy Critique

"I need to fine tune my copy"

I review your sales writing with you. 

You get a video of my copy critique and a written report.

It includes battle-tested copywriting tips to help optimize your sales copy and get the results you deserve.

Includes usability suggestions too.


I want to use the power of neuroscience to turn my website into a cash vending machine?

Tell me your needs and everything I need to know. 

I’ll get back to you within 1 business day with next steps.

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